This blog documents the progress of our super-cool, pre-fab home "somewhere" in the wilds of Northwest Arkansas. Rocio Romero designed the home, model LVL, and incorporated our custom modifications. GC Don Lourie is doing the build and architect Brad Satterwhite is providing additional ingenuity.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beam Me Up!

Don and Jeremy are cruising on the framing. Friday morning they used a boom truck to hoist the six beams into place. You can start to appreciate the views!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh, Now I See It!

Just a few days after delivery and you can already see the house take shape. Don put up 10 steel posts and 10 wall panels. In the last image you can clearly see the entry and the lower windows for the kitchen, utility room and guest bath. Check out the rainbow--evidence of Secret Fortress Hideout's magical energy! (Or, was it left over from that Diversity Parade in Eureka Springs? Hmmmmm.)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

Now this is what I call a birthday! The family headed down to Eureka Springs on Heidi's birthday to take delivery of the house kit. Everything arrived flat packed on a massive truck (that, fortunately, was able to navigate the narrow, chip-and-field road).

Before materials were unloaded, the floor needed to be leveled. Jeremy and Travis worked the jack and shimmed the beam on all the posts in the "cozy" crawlspace.

Don tied straps to the forks of the sky lift to remove the structural wall panels. The judges gave Don a "10" for perfect form on dismount.

Travis and his fiancee, Dana, joined us for the weekend. Travis will be designing and installing the HVAC for SFH. At this point we're thinking of a high-efficiency, three-ton, two-stage heat pump. The air handler will be hung in the crawl space from joists in the west corner of the home under master bedroom's big, walk-in closet.

Not to be outdone by the big guys, George and Nate initiate construction on Mini Secret Fortress Hideout.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Seven Days and Counting

Only one week until the kit arrives at Secret Fortress Hideout. As you can see, Don has covered the ICFs with a layer of concrete and the floor decking is ready.

With Heidi's birthday next Friday, we're planning to celebrate in Eureka Springs by watching the kit delivery and unloading! Should make for some great pix!