This blog documents the progress of our super-cool, pre-fab home "somewhere" in the wilds of Northwest Arkansas. Rocio Romero designed the home, model LVL, and incorporated our custom modifications. GC Don Lourie is doing the build and architect Brad Satterwhite is providing additional ingenuity.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Full Steam Ahead

Don and crew are really cruising now. The TPO roof is down and we've added a skylight to brighten the master bathroom. The electrician has started on wiring and Don has started framing out the interior walls. A crew will spray soy-based insulation into the interior wall spaces next. This alone should provide a high R-value, but we're also investigating using a formaldehyde-free fiberglass batt for the exterior faux walls.

We needed to lower the porch to accommodate a three-layer floor made with tapered insulation board, waterproof barrier and ipe wood planks. We could do this because we went with a floor design using 2" x 10" joists rather than I-joists. The intent is to level out the transition between the outside ipe and inside bamboo flooring (natural, horizontal). Don is fabricating a 14-foot steel ramp that will connect the entry with the higher ground on the west side. We'll use ipe here as well.

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