This blog documents the progress of our super-cool, pre-fab home "somewhere" in the wilds of Northwest Arkansas. Rocio Romero designed the home, model LVL, and incorporated our custom modifications. GC Don Lourie is doing the build and architect Brad Satterwhite is providing additional ingenuity.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Deck the Halls

Don and Jeremy attacked the ipe and banged out a beautiful deck. Next up, stainless posts, steel cables and turnbuckles from

Travis completed the HVAC with the heat pump install this weekend. The two-stage Trane and 4-ton Lennox are super quite and arrived just in time to heat up the space for the floor and paint. And speaking of paint, check out the SMOOTH ceilings and walls. A layer of SpeedSkim spray on skim coat makes the tape seams disappear, a nice extra step with all the horizontal natural light.

I also ordered our kitchen counter material from PaperStone. We're going with their line that is made from 100% post-consumer waste and petroleum-free, formaldehyde-free resins. Because PaperStone's dark colors are more stable in UV light, we selected Obsidian. If you're considering PaperStone, be sure to check out their Handyman Specials on off-spec panels.


Anonymous said...
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boophotography said...

Hi, I have ten acres in NW Arkansas and I'm trying to decide what to put on it. Your house looks perfect. In fact your property looks exactly like mine. We thought about making a cabin in our backyard here in Florida and hauling it up there or making something out of a shipping container. We even thought about using a large boat or caboose for a cabin. All kinds of crazy ideas but, we really want to work on something ourselves and it's 14 hours away from home.